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Bailey Stober, is the principal consultant at Stober Solutions. His portfolio includes representing local governments, government relations, communications, labor and private business growth strategies.

Previously, Bailey was elected Chair of the King County Democrats in December of 2016, and assumed office having dedicated his professional life to public service and the Democratic Party. Bailey was the youngest Chair in County party history, the first biracial Chair in County party history and the first Chair to live as far South in the County as he does. Bailey also served as Secretary of the Washington State Democratic Party Chair's Organization.

Bailey has spent most of his life in South King County, currently residing in Auburn. At age 15, he organized one of the first recognized neighborhood council’s within the City of Kent after seeing crime and traffic problems near his home. After bringing together 85 neighbors and demanding action from City Hall he saw the power of community organizing. He went on to work on numerous legislative campaigns for both State Senate and State House candidates before briefly serving as a political organizer for United Food and Commercial Workers Local 21.

In 2012, Bailey was appointed as Executive Assistant to the Executive Director at the Washington State Commission on African American Affairs. In this role, he would provide direct strategic and administrative support to a member of Governor Christine Gregoire’s cabinet. Additionally, he provided staff support to the 12 Gubernatorial appointed Commissioners. He was credited with diligently working with stakeholders on HB 1651 which upon passage, stopped the State of Washington from selling and distributing juvenile criminal records. He cited contribution to the school to prison pipeline and the disproportionate number of minority youth being detained in juvenile prison. Prior to this work, Washington was one of only eight states that published juvenile criminal records which proved as a barrier for higher education, employment and housing to minority communities.

After several legislative victories, Bailey was appointed Special Projects Director for the Washington State Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises (OMWBE). OMWBE is tasked with helping minorities and women start and sustain small businesses across the state. In this role, Bailey was the lead communications, external relations and community affairs staff member. He was credited with coordinating media responses and plans during several high profile events.

Bailey was honored when he was appointed Business and Community Relations Director for the Juvenile Justice and Rehabilitation Administration (JJRA) within the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS). In this role, Bailey worked to build and foster positive community relationships and partnerships for youth exiting the juvenile justice system. This included doing communications work, job development partnerships and evaluating programs within juvenile prisons and group homes across the state.

In 2015, Bailey successfully served as Political Director to now King County Assessor John Wilson and Seattle School Board Director Jill Geary. He used innovative approaches to reach hundreds of thousands of voters across the 13th largest county in the United States. Both races were won with a 16+ point margin and a 26+ point margin respectively.

After the election, Bailey served as the Director of Communications and External Relations for King County Assessor John Wilson. In this role he was a strategic adviser to the Assessor and Chief Spokesperson for an agency of 200+ employees. He was leading the departments work on equity and social justice, intergovernmental relations, media relations and community partnerships.

Prior to being elected Chair of the King County Democrats, Bailey served as Chair of the 47th District Democrats, 2nd Vice Chair of the 47th District Democrats, Executive Board Member of the King County Young Democrats, and Young Democrat Liaison to the 33rd District Democrats. He has managed over two dozen political campaigns and enjoys volunteering with several local nonprofits. Additionally, he is currently serving as a Parks Commissioner on the City of Auburn Parks and Recreation Board and as a member of the City of Auburn Healthy City taskforce. 

Experience Matters

- Over 20 political campaigns

- Represents local governments

- Represents labor unions

- Represents elected officials

- Proven leader in crisis communications